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It's Okay...

When life happens… know that it’s okay! Our level of TRUST in God has to be through the roof. Our daily conversations with God helps us to be okay in knowing that God has it in control and under control.

We must pay attention to our choices. Choices have consequences. We must always choose what is good and not evil. God designed it this way! He gave you the freedom to choose! The book of Proverbs helps us to make good choices. Do what is right to do, not what feels good to the flesh. When the consequence of a bad choice presents itself, we want to blame God, satan, and everybody else. Remember the choice was yours! To be okay either way, remember it was what you decided to do. Take responsibility for your choice! Always be Prayerful before making a choice. God is always there in whatever choice you make, but he wants you to choose good so that he can BLESS you!

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